The Exercises of Falun Dafa

The five exercises of Falun Dafa are gentle, slow, and easy to learn. You can read through this page to get a general overview of each exercise, then click on the links below each exercise's description to see more detailed instructions, as well as video clips of Mr. Li performing each exercise with English insructions. 

Of course, an easier way to learn is to get a free lesson at your local practice site. No appointments are necessary? just show up and learn! To find a practice site near you, check out the contact list.

1st exercise

Fo Zhan Qian Shou Fa

At the core of this exercise is stretching of the body. This stretching unblocks areas where energy is congested, stimulates the energy within the body and under the skin so that it circulates vigorously, and automatically absorbs a great amount of energy from the universe. This enables all of the meridians in a practitioner's body to open at the begining.

Ther are five sets of gentle and easy- to-learn exercises in Falun Dafa for the improvement of your body. They can be practiced anywhere and anytime with no restrictions. They are most suitable for people in the modern society.

5th exercise

Shen Tong Jia Chi Fa

is a tranquil cultivation exercise. This exercise is above the intermediate level and was originally a secret exercises. Performing  this exercise requires sitting with both legs crossed. During the exercise, the flow of energy field around the body is quite large. The longer the legs are crossed, the better. It depends on one's endurance.

3rd exercise

Guan Tong Liang Ji Fa

channels the cosmos' energy and mixes it with the energy inside one's body. A great amount of energy is expelled and taken during this exercise, enabling a practitioner to purify his or her body in a very short time.

2nd exercise

Falun Zhuang Fa

is a tranquil standing meditation composed of four wheel-holding positions. Frequent performance of this exercise will facilitate the complete opening of the entire body. It is a comprehensive means of cultivation practice that increases wisdom, enhances gong potency, raises one's level, and strengthens divine powers.

4th exercise

Falun Zhou Tian Fa

enables the energy of the human body to circulate over large areas -- that is, not just in one or several meridians, but from the entire yin side to the yang side of the body, back and forth continously.

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